Using Proxy Site: Official Proxy Proxy


Proxy Info

This is the official proxy site for If your school firewalls and administrators let you access from your school computers and wifi, then you'll be able to play unblocked using this proxy site. If is still blocked at school, you may want to try some of these other, hidden io game proxy sites:, and You might also be able to find an unblocked upload of among many other games on Google Sites.

Description 2 is an awesome io game which has been ported onto the web from it's original mobile version. Play an unblocked version of through one of the proxy sites on Play unblocked at school. Compete against other players to capture as much of the paper map as possible.

How To Play

To play, use your arrow keys to steer your player/line, much like the way you would if you were playing or The strategy is the same as in splix. Try to conquer as much territory on the map as you can, without letting anyone run into your line.



Q: Is there a list of proxy sites? It has been blocked at my school for a very very long time now...
A: There are a few proxy sites, you can play on,,,, The gameflare one is the only proxy site that's unblocked at my school. Good luck!

Q: Are all of the proxy sites actually the same game? I've tried going to,,,, and each proxy site looks a bit different
A: I think they had to change the game a bit each time to make it harder for school firewalls to block, all the proxy sites are unblocked for me though so it works pretty well. You can also see the player count and server lists are the same on each proxy site which means they're still connecting to the same main server.