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Battle Royale like you've never seen before! Gather guns, ammo, and other supplies while the ominous red zone steadily pushes every player closer and closer together. Be the last one standing and claim your poultry prize.

How To Play

- WASD to move - Mouse to aim, left-click to shoot - You'll begin the game with only a small pack. Move around the map and collect more loot (F key). You can carry up to two weapons at a time. The amount of ammo and other supplies you can carry is limited by the size of your backpack. - Low on health? Use a bandage or booster. Click the supplies on the right-hand side of the screen to use them. There's only one winner in each game, but there's more than one way to win the game. Be sneaky and take fights where you have the advantage. Or take the bloodthirsty approach and try to take down as many enemies as you can (and grab their loot in the process!).


Q: Have they made any more surviv proxy urls or sites because all of the links are blocked at my school?
A: There are some new proxy sites for 2020: Hopefully some of them are unblocked at your school

Q: The principal at my school blocked surviv, is there any way to unblock it
A: There are some new proxy urls for 2020, i'm not sure how people make them or if the devs are releasing them but they have been hidden from the proxy sites link, must be super secret. Here is the list:

Q: Is ever coming to Steam or PC?
A: Yes. will be released on Steam on September 17 2020. Expect better performance than the web or mobile versions. It'll be free to play but will still have the usual In-App Purchases.

Q: What do flare guns do? I think they have a much more better meaning to them, what are they used for?
A: If you find a Flare gun and a Flare (orange bullet) and you shoot it in the air you need to wait... a supplydrop will come to your Flare location.

Q: Why can I sign into my account?
A: Make sure you're playing on one of the supported proxy sites. Google and Discord logins will work on all official proxy sites, however Facebook and Twitch logins do not work on any of the proxy sites. This is a limitation of's authentication system.

Q: Does stop tracking all your stats if you use an adblocker?
A: No i don't think so, I use an adblocker on and it keeps track of all my game stats just fine

Q: Anyone have any tips on using the dp-28, i'm absolutely trash with it
A: It's LMG (light machine gun) has 60 ammo but horrible spread when moving. Try to avoid moving while shooting. If you absolutely cannot stop moving, try to run away and fight someone else or use a secondary weapon instead. Its drop rate was recently(-ish) increased (alongside the SPAS)

Q: Is anyone's ui seem smaller than usual. It only started today, but the areas with the guns and ammo seem miniscule.
A: Zoom in, maybe you're just zoomed out. Press CTRL + Scroll Wheel to increase/decrease the page zoom.

Q: Can you put siaga 12s in the gold locker in the police station
A: No.

ioGround Proxy

The official ioGround proxy is a Chrome Extension that can be used to unblock so you can play at school or work. The proxy is similar to a VPN extension except it's optimized for unblocking .io games and only works on

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