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Gather resources. Build your tank. Head into battle. All in real-time against players from around the world. An original tank-shooter/tower-defense hybrid. Assemble your tank with 10 unique units, and upgrade them with 5 different resources. Battle against hundreds of players with realistic 2D physics. Units include: Basic Unit, Basic Turret, Booster Unit, Healing Unit, Twin Turret, Sniper Turret, Alchemy Lab, Cannon Turret, Octa Turret and Spike. Available on web, mobile and Android.

How To Play

WASD or arrow keys to move. Move your mouse to aim. Left click to fire. Protect your core to stay alive. Destroy shapes to collect resources. Select a unit from the store and click to place it. Collect better resources to build better units. E key to enable autofire. Click a unit in your tank to upgrade or destroy it. Assemble your tank to become powerful. Battle other players and climb the leaderboard. Start by collecting Wood. You can use this to build units that protect your core. More turrets will allow you to collect and build faster. Try adding a Wood alchemy lab which will convert resources to Iron, then you can upgrade your units. Continue to rise to better resources (Gold, then Diamond, then Amethyst) and try destroying players. At some point you may even be able to topple the leader and dominate the server. There is a secret resource which is even more powerful than Amethyst. It can't be collected from triangles, so you'll need to work out the secret! You can also steal it from other players.


Q: Was this made by the same guy that made diep?
A: No, it only looks the same as A different guy made it

Q: Is there an auto spin? Like on
A: No.

Q: When is ioNinja going to release another update??? Some people are getting bored, they are going to quit.
A: ioNinja, the dev of has been super busy. He is likely working on other projects now.

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